Things To Do In York England

Things To Do In York England

There are certainly many things to do in York England!  York is the historic focal point of the North of England and attracts many visitors from all over the world.  York is situated in the heart of Yorkshire and only a 2 to 3 hour train journey from the capital.  Steeped in rich history from a early as Roman times, makes its journey to the present day via the Viking, Norman, Georgian and Victorian eras.  With all this history – things to do in York there are!

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What's On In York

York England An Overview

In 71 AD, and after the Danes occupied the city of Jorvik, progressed as a major wool trading centre in the Middle Ages.   During the 19th century, York became famous for its railway and chocolate industries, providing employment to those occupying the city of York.  Today, York is very much associated with its historic structures, boasting the most intact city walls in England and also it’s large Gothic cathedral, York Minister.  York is also known for Clifford’s Tower, one of two castles that existed in Norman times.  York is also home to the world famous National Railway Museum, and the medieval city streets such as the Shambles.

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Things To Do In the City of York England

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York Sightseeing Guide

York Sightseeing Guide

Please watch our York Sightseeing Guide Video below.

York sightseeing can be a little complicated when it comes to finding historic gems so we have made a York Sightseeing Guide. The historic city of York hosts some extraordinary buildings and structures that attract sightseeing visitors the world over. These include the largest Gothic Cathedral in Europe, the largely intact city walls and gates, medieval streets, Clifford’s Tower to name a few. We give you a guided tour of these features found in the city of York. Simple click on an image below to find out more about the famous York landmark.

Dick Turpin's Grave
Dick Turpin’s Grave. Dick Turpin’s (or his assumed name of John Palmer) grave resides in the church yard of St George’s Church on George Street in York. Find out more!
York Minster Cathedral
York Minster. This enormous cathedral officially speaking is the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter in York.  However, it’s more common to hear it referred to as York Minister. Find out more!
Clifford's Tower York
York Clifford’s Tower. Clifford’s Tower is part of a castle complex that was erected in 1245 but this structure is not the original one. In fact, the original castle was made out of wood. Find out more!
York City Gateways
York Bar Walls Gates. York Bar Walls contain 5 main gates, however, only 4 of them contain a structure with internal rooms. Find out more!
York City Walls
York Bar Walls. The city walls are also referred to as York Bar Walls, and York boasts the longest intact walls in the country. Find out more!
York Railway Station
York Railway Station. This might not seem an obvious place to go sightseeing but in actual fact it holds some interesting features.  It was built back in 1877 and at the time was the largest railway station in the world. Find out more!
Kings Manor York
Kings Manor in York. It’s existence began in 1270 as the Abbot’s lodging who obviously was the Abbot of St Mary’s Abbey behind it. Find out more!
St Mary's Abbey York
York’s St Mary’s Abbey. It was the largest and richest Benedictine abbey in the North of England. Find out more!
York Rivers and Bridges
River Ouse & Foss and their Bridges. The River Ouse is the largest of York’s two rivers that meet close to Skeldergate Bridge.  The name Ouse comes from Keltic “ousos” possibly meaning slow moving river. Find out more!
York Shambles
York Shambles. Shambles is an old Danish word that comes from fleshamels which denotes a street of butchers. Raw, fresh meats were sold on the street and the “flesh” was the meat whereas the “shamel” was the large window ledge where the meat was sold. Find out more!

York Additional SightseeingYork Sightseeing with a difference. There’s more to York than historic structures. For instance, did you know that White Cat’s were an architectural trademark? Find out more! 


York Museums

York Museums Overview

We have a great list of the main York Museums that appeal to visitors and residents of all ages and gender.  This section gives you current information about museums in York and where and when to visit as well as admission charges and opening times.  You can also get an overall description of each museum and what you can expect to find.

Please choose from one of York’s Museums below by clicking on its image.

Don’t forget that there are more museums and attractions outside the city centre – please refer to our York Attractions section.

York Fairfax House
York Fairfax House. Fairfax House is a 12th century Georgian townhouse open to visitors. Find out more!
York Treasurers House
York Treasurer’s House. York Treasurer’s house resides around the back of the minister in Minster Yard.  This building was acquired by Frank Green in 1897 in order to create a lavish show home that impressed Edward VII. Find out more!
York Merchant Adventurers Hall
York Merchant Adventurers Hall. Merchant Adventurers Hall is a medieval Guildhall and was a meeting place for the Guild of Our Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1357. Find out more!
Richard III Henry VII Experiences York
Richard III Experience York. Richard III was the last Plantagenet King who ruled for just 2 years before the Battle of Bosworth. Find out more!
York Bar Convent
York Bar Convent. The Bar Convent is the oldest existing Roman Catholic Convent in the country dating from 1686. Find out more!
York Dungeon
York Dungeon. The York Dungeon uncovers the darker side of York’s history within a 75 minute theatrical tour. Find out more!
Richard III Henry VII Experiences York
Henry VII Experience. Henry VII was the first Tudor King of England ruling for some 24 years after defeating Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth. Find out more!
York Barley Hall
York Barley Hall. Barley Hall is a medieval house that was found accidentally after removing a facade from a derelict office block. Find out more!
York Chocolate Story
York’s Chocolate Story. York has had a chocolate history for around 200 years with the establishment of the Terry’s of York factory. Find out more!
York Mansion House
York-Mansion-House. York Mansion House is the home to the Lord Mayor of York so you can imagine that this is no ordinary home. Find out more!
National Railway Museum York
York National Railway Museum. York National Railway Museum (NRM) contains over 300 years of railway history. There are over a million objects to discover including a vast collection of locomotives, carriages, freight wagons and other items of rolling stock. Find out more!
Yorkshire Museum York
Yorkshire Museum. The Yorkshire Museum however contains artefacts pertaining to the area in various exhibitions. Find out more!
York Castle Museum
York Castle Museum. This museum boasts a huge collection of artefacts relating to the area including the famous Kirkgate victorian street mock up to explore. Find out more!

York Art GalleryYork Art Gallery. York Art Gallery was built in 1879 for the city’s great exhibition. Find out more! 

Jorvik Viking Centre YorkJorvik Viking Centre. The Jorvik Viking Centre (pronounced yorvik) is the site of one of the most famous discoveries. Find out more! 

Roman Bath Museum
Along with the food and ale, the Roman Bath’s serves something else of enormous historical interest. It is also the site, as the name suggests, of a Roman Bathhouse. Find out more!
York Army Museum Royal Dragoon Guards York
York Army Museum. In 1685 the Royal Dragoon Guards was established by amalgamation of four of the senior cavalry regiments of the British Army of which recruits were from Yorkshire and Northern Ireland. Find out more!

York Attractions

What York Attractions Can You Expect to Find?

Well we have certainly covered many York attractions in our Sightseeing and Museums sections of this web site.  However, there are some other attractions both in and around York that appeal to many ages and cultures.  For instance, we have selected a few of these York attractions for you and will be adding more in the future.

In the list below, select an image to find out more about the local York attraction.

Flamingo Land
Flamingo Land. Flamingo Land is a Holiday Resort, a Theme Park as well as a Zoo so there’s something for everyone! Find out more!
Leeds Shopping Experience
Trinity Leeds Shopping Experience. The neighbouring city of Leeds is the best city for Shopping in the UK and its just a bus/train ride away! Find out more!
Malton Food Festival
Malton Food Festival & Malton Food Market. Malton is the Food Capital of Yorkshire and occassionally holds huge festivals in the heart of the town. Find out more!
Yorkshire Lavender
Yorkshire Lavender. Yorkshire Lavender boasts a Lavender Garden, Deer Park, Sculpture Park and Play Area. It also has a nursery and gift shop. Find out more!
York Maze
York Maze. York Maze is the largest of its kind in Europe and one of the largest in the world.  Along with its enormous maze there are over 20 other attractions to enjoy. Find out more!
York Cocoa House
York Cocoa House is a huge reminder of York’s chocolate history and you can create your own chocolates in the workshop! Find out more!
North York Moors National Park
North York Moors. The North York Moors National Park is one of the most stunning national parks in England. We take a look at Goathland, Hole of Horcum and Thornton Le Dale. Find out more!
North Yorkshire Moors Railway
North Yorkshire Moors Railway. This preserved railway is one of the best in the UK and very much forms a fantastic day out back in time! Find out more!

York Castle HowardYork Castle Howard. This wonderful stately home and grounds near York is a must visit. It was also the backdrop to Brideshead Revisited. Find out more! 

Beningbrough Hall House Galleries and Gardens
Beningbrough Hall House, Galleries and Gardens.  Beningbrough Hall was built in the 18th Century as an Italian styled baroque house. However, the house has been shaped by different occupants since the time it was built. Find out more!
York Cold War Bunker
York Cold War Bunker. Forget warring Roman Soldiers and fearsome Viking Warriors – this is far more fear inspiring! Find out more!
Holgate Windmill York
Holgate Windmill York. Holgate Windmill York is situated just outside the city centre at Holgate, a suburb of York.  It’s York’s last surviving windmill and it is also the oldest 5 saled windmill in the country. Find out more!
York Shambles Market
York Shambles Market. The Shambles Market (fittingly next to The Shambles) consists of 85 market stalls selling fresh produce as well as other merchandise. Find out more!